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We believe in exposing students with practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge.

Social media

In this part of the course, you are going to learn everything related to social media. How content is planned, created, distributed & tracked. Social advertising, Social media marketing, Influencer marketing will be covered in this section.

All About Websites

In this part of the course, you will learn what a digital marketer needs to learn about websites. Types, assets required and how to deal with the developers. Please note that website development is not in the course as digital marketers do not need to learn development. That is a different course all together.

Google advertising

Google advertising with search, display, video, shopping is covered in this course. We will also do certification of google fundamentals + search after this course.


In this part of the course, you will learn everything related to local SEO, On-page SEO and off-page SEO. We promise that we will not bore you with technical stuff while learning SEO.
What after learning?
Learning is just the start and we make sure that you will get successful as well. From learning to earning. That is the journey we cover for you.
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Google advertising certification is the one which we will help you get. Other than that we will also provide a certification of completion from our end.
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3-6 Months Internship

After the course completion. There will be an interview for an internship. In that we will decide whether you will be selected for 3 months or 6 months of internship.
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Resume Building Help

As promised, right after the course we will make sure to help you with your resume. We know how the resumes are picked in the market and we will help you do the same.
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Interview Preparation

Now after the opportunity, we will also guide you to crack interviews. We will help you with tips and frequently asked questions.
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Placement Help

We will help you get placed as well. We have a lot of friends in the industry and letting them know about you and getting you a seat on the interview desk is what we will be able to do.
Practical learning from the team which implements campaigns every day
Digital marketing is a dynamic field which changes constantly. We are an agency which needs to keep learning to be in the market. Hence, those learnings are precious and can only be given by those who are running live projects.
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About Us
We have felt the talent gap in Hyderabad. When we recruit people for our agency in Hyderabad. We feel that students in Hyderabad are not being trained or gaining the right experience to compete nationally or internationally. We want to fill this gap and teach students the latest stuff in digital marketing.
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